Succeeding Through Inner Strength (MP3)



Succeeding Through Inner Strength

A 12-part audio program designed to allow the listener to build inner strength. Discusses how to banish self-doubt; why happiness is our natural birthright; how to enjoy success; how to develop intuition; how to develop self-trust; how to persevere in the face of adversity. Includes several techniques for becoming a stronger person through self-awareness and personal growth.

Includes a workbook.
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Here is what you will find inside:

Part One – A Call to Action
The essence of inner strength: self-esteem. An individual’€™s real power. Three challenges of life. Why you can never have enough self-esteem. Finding success and happiness in your personal and professional lives. Enjoying your achievements. The immune system of the consciousness.

Part Two – The Foundation of Personal Power
The characteristics of people with good self- esteem. Living consciously: your basic means of survival. Accepting yourself and taking responsibility. The power of self-assertiveness. Goals, action plans, results. The reputation you get with yourself. Everyday choices.

Part Three – Moving to the Top
The conviction that you have a right to succeed. Self-esteem as a two-way street. Customizing your action plan. Expanding your job description. Don’€™t play it safe. Independent thinkers and good team players. Making success your conscious purpose.

Part Four – Management Through Inner Strength
Your mind as an economic force. The quickening pace of change. Coached – not managed – workers. Self-esteem, self-motivation and business success. Respect and courtesy in the workplace. Employee- generated solutions. Realistic praise.

Part Five – Winning Communication
Don’€™t sabotage a vital skill. Language that communicates respect. Descriptive vs. evaluative language in criticism. Focusing on solutions. Supporting an employee’€™s dignity. Effective listening: a creative act. Feedback and producing desired results. Learning from strong communications.

Part Six – Overcoming Indecisiveness: Trusting Your Intuition
Intuition in decision making. Awareness of your internal signals. Don’€™t be afraid of mistakes. Emotions as important guides. The creative process. Combining intuition with a reality check. Seeking others’€™ ideas. The qualities of an innovator: independence, daring, nerve.

Part Seven – Powerful Relationships
Walking collections of wants and needs. A relationship of equals in the workplace. Respecting self-interest in a relationship. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Protecting your needs in the workplace. Office politics and self-esteem. An environment in which people give their best.

Part Eight – Powerful Relationships (continued)
Bringing successful business principles to personal relationships. Paying attention to outcome. Responding to deep feelings of love. Expressing your needs and making appropriate responses. Children and the power of respect. Pursuing shared goals.

Part Nine – Finding What You Really Want
Misleading childhood messages. One of the great gifts you can give your children. Vague wants as self-protection. Listening to your body’€™s signals. The difference between wants and daydreams. Commitment to lifelong learning. Creating balance. Your wants matter.

Part Ten – Growing Through Goals
Self-esteem and goal setting. How high can you reach? Assessing a leader. Goals that support human existence. The importance of sub-goals. Relaxation and pursuit of goals. The changeable nature of goals. Stretching yourself and your self-esteem.

Part Eleven – Maintaining Strength
Perseverance as a survival skill. Making peace with the nature of the world. Being intelligent about the use of your resources. The price you must pay. Triumph and disappointment. Identifying with your consciousness. Staying curious, staying young. Embracing life’€™s challenges.

Part Twelve – You Deserve to Be Happy
Happiness: a birthright and an achievement. Fulfilling your deepest values. True happiness has no penalty. The natural order of things. Experiencing yourself as enough. The joy of being. Framing your experiences. “œWhat’€™s good in my life?” “€œWhat needs to be done?”