The Romantic Love Question and Answer Book



What is romantic love? Is it an irrational ideal to be discarded — or an exalted vision of man/woman relationships that we have barely begun to understand? With this groundbreaking work, Nathaniel Branden and his wife and colleague Devers challenge many of our traditional assumptions about love and point the way to an experience of joy and passion within our power to attain.

Originally published as “The Romantic Love Question-and-Answer Book,” this revised and expanded edition addresses the most urgent and frequently asked questions from men and women struggling to achieve and sustain love in their own lives. Nathaniel and Devers Branden respond with a unique blend of personal and client anecdotes, highly effective problem-solving techniques such as sentence completion and the twelve-hour intimacy marathon, and profound — often unexpected — advice. They offer invaluable insight in every area they deal with: the meaning of romantic love as contrasted with infatuation and transitory sexual attraction; communicating our emotions; intimacy and sex; jealousy and infidelity; balancing work and love; stress, conflict, life-cycle changes; marriage, children, relatives; letting go; and romantic love in later years. To anyone who has been through both the hope and despair of love or who has never yet experienced it but cannot relinquish the dream, this book gives back to men and women the hope with which they started — and the knowledge the dream does not have to be abandoned…