Self-Esteem Every Day



On both a professional and an organizational level, self-esteem has become a prime determinant of success in the new Knowledge Economy. Only organizations staffed with people who are confident, creative, and highly adaptive — traits built on self-esteem — will be able to meet the unique challenges of the Information Age. In this book, Dr. Nathaniel Branden presents an unprecedented guide managers can use to successfully advance their careers by synergistically linking work with the purposeful development of higher self-esteem and the strategic needs of their organizations.

Reactions to to Self-Esteem at Work

I want to personally thank Nathaniel Branden for adding a million dollars to our sales this year, which I don’t believe we could have had without his ideas triggering new thinking, building exciting self-concepts, and fueling a sales-driven organization to record accomplishments.

— Thomas E. Trumble, president and CEO, Leanin’ Tree, Inc.

Nathaniel Branden is a giant. His work integrating innovation and entrepreneurship with self-esteem is the cutting edge and shows how the qualities of high self-esteem are the same attributes needed for success in today’s environment.

— Ken Blanchard, co-author, The One Minute Manager

The principles and practices are profound and right on target for rapidly changing corporate environments.

— Peter Lakey, group chairman, The Executive Committee

Dr. Branden teaches us the self-esteem connection between individual and organizational success with the sharpness of a laser beam and the brilliance of a Tiffany-cut diamond.

— Dick Sethi, manager, executive education, Leadership Development Program, AT&T

Nathaniel has the courage to make us look at truths about self-esteem, ego, pride, and heroism that we have tended to disown in recent decades.

— George Leonard, editor, Esquire, and author, Walking at the Edge of the World