Nathaniel Branden’s books, exercises, recordings and courses provide a wealth of material for
psychological and emotional growth that you can use effectively on your own. But sometimes
it’s important to have more personalized help in reaching our goals, overcoming challenges,
and gaining mastery in our lives.

Sadly, Nathaniel is no longer here to provide that kind of guidance through psychotherapy and
coaching. But we do have a recommendation if you feel that you could benefit from more
personalized work. We recommend that you contact Dr. Joel Wade, who works with some of
Nathaniel’s former clients, and is available to work with new clients as well.

Joel F. Wade, Ph.D., was deeply inspired by and studied with Nathaniel Branden for several
decades, beginning in 1980. Nathaniel was a mentor, colleague and friend until he passed away
in 2014. Joel is licensed in California as a marriage and family therapist, though he currently
works primarily as a life coach with people around the world via phone and video. He is the
author of The Virtue of Happiness, Mastering Happiness, and the Mastering Emotions, Moods
and Reactions Workbook.

If you’re interested in working with him, he offers an initial 30 minute call at no charge, so you
can see if working together could be a good fit for you. Joel can be reached via email at, or through his website:

A highly skilled clinician, trained in a variety of psychological disciplines, Joel Wade is a man of
immense sensitivity and compassion who has a wide repertoire of problem-solving strategies to
bring to the practice of Coaching.

Nathaniel Branden, PhD.